Refund Policy

This Rebooking and Refund Policy explains how we will assist with rebooking a reservation and how we handle refunds when a Host cancels a reservation or another Travel Issue disrupts a stay.

1. What happens if a Host cancels before check-in

If a Host cancels a reservation prior to check-in, their guest will automatically receive a full refund. If a Host cancels 30 days or less prior to check-in, and the guest contact us, we will also assist the guest with finding comparable or better accommodations.

2. What happens if another Travel Issue disrupts a stay

Other Travel Issues must be reported to us no later than 72 hours after discovery. If we determine that a Travel Issue has disrupted the stay, we will provide a full or partial refund and, depending on the circumstances, may assist the guest with finding comparable or better accommodations. The amount refunded depends on the severity of the Travel Issue, the impact on the guest, the portion of the stay affected, and whether the guest vacates the accommodations. If the guest decides to vacate the accommodations because of the Travel Issue and contact us we will offer assistance with finding comparable or better accommodations for the remaining nights of the stay.

3. What Travel Issues are covered

The term "Travel Issue" refers to these situations:

4. How claims work

To be eligible for rebooking assistance or a refund, the guest who made the reservation may submit a claim by contacting us. Claims must be made to us no later than 72 hours after discovery of the Travel Issue and supported by relevant evidence such as photographs or confirmation of the conditions by the Host. We will determine whether a Travel Issue has occurred by evaluating available evidence.

5. How this Policy affects Hosts

If a Host cancels a stay or another Travel Issue disrupts a stay, the Host will either receive no pay out or will have their pay out reduced by the amount of the refund to their guest.

In most circumstances we will attempt to confirm a guest’s claim with their Host. Hosts can also dispute a Travel Issue by contact us.

6. Other things to be aware of

This Policy applies to all reservations made on or after the Effective Date. When this Policy applies, it controls and takes precedence over the reservation’s cancellation policy. Before submitting a claim, whenever feasible, the guest must notify the Host and try to resolve the Travel Issue directly with their Host. In connection with resolving the issue, guests can request refunds directly from. We may reduce the amount of any refund or adjust any rebooking assistance under this Policy to reflect any refund or other relief provided directly by a Host. As part of providing rebooking assistance, we may, but are not obligated to, pay for or contribute to the cost of new accommodations. We may also provide guests with the option of applying the value of a cancelled reservation to new accommodations, or of receiving travel credit, in lieu of getting a cash refund.

Where a guest demonstrates that timely reporting of a Travel Issue was not feasible, we may allow for late reporting of the Travel Issue under this Policy. Travel Issues that are caused by the guest, co-travellers, or their invitees or pets are not covered by this Policy. Submitting a fraudulent claim violates our Terms of Service and may result in account termination.

Our decisions under this Policy are binding, but do not affect other contractual or statutory rights that may be available. Any right that guests or Hosts may have to initiate legal action remains unaffected. This Policy is not insurance and no premium has been paid by any guest or Host. All rights and obligations under this Policy are personal to the booking guest and Host of the reservation and may not be transferred or assigned. Any changes to this Policy will be made in accordance with our Terms of Service.